Christophe Remy is an Art director and interior designer focusing on high end products and spaces. With a particular attention to details and quality finishes, we thrive to create beauty everywhere.


Branding & Art direction



The New Organic LEBON Collection is a tribute to getaway, to flavors & perfumes offered by the Sea and Nature and to the diversity of world cultures.  Through the flavors of their new Collection, Stéphanie and Richard offer their interpretation of the most remote inspiring and sweetest places. 

AXL Jewelry

Axelle Delhaye is passionate about art, fashion and jewellery. She creates unique jewels from antique pieces, more specifically from the Victorian era. Today, her project is evolving with the opening of a boutique in Brussels.

Carine Gilson

One of Belgium's true gems, Carine Gilson creates the most delicate pieces in silk and lace. Unique craftsmanship action. We are working on raising the brand image to the highest level it deserves.

Selected interiors


A house in London

This little mews house is small outside but big inside. Eclecticism, Gentlemen's club & a touch of modernism are the keywords.

Brussels art deco flat



Delbôve boutique in Antwerp



Life journal